by The Seeker

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the Lp is out with the help of these record labels-

delusion of terror (philippines)
professional punkers records (italy)
lapaguis records (italy)
hidden hands records (italy)
disadattack zine (italy)
saitan diy records (austria)
punti scena records (italy)
hardcore for losers (austria)
el bastardo records (hungary)
dead punx records (belgium)
rumori in cantina (italy)
zas autoproduzioni (italy)


released June 7, 2017

music and lyrics by the seeker

recorded,mixed and mastered at toxic basement studio by carlo altobelli.



all rights reserved


The Seeker Sesto San Giovanni, Italy

the seeker is a 4 piece punk band from milan italy.

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Track Name: Das Ende Von Allem
no one can save us, our future is fucking doomed.
no one can save you, you'll die alone.
we're fucking doomed.
Track Name: Fail now, Cry later
I woke up dead inside, day after day I fail to understand the
the facts of life, running around the same old circle

I'm mastering the art of failure
a dichothomy exist between me and you
I'm mastering the art of failure
why can't i just blow my fucking brains out?

oh snap,
everything seems to be fine.
im a fucking messs,

I'm the epitomy of the modern day slacker
I don't need your advice I am so sick and tired, my existence is futile.
tv, cocaine, cigarettes , is all that i want, is all that i need.
day and night! night and day.
anything to shut my brain down
Track Name: Ronald McAsshole
dead, you're dead, dead, you're mother fucking dead!

I know I know you did it again, but im not the type to be easily bent
I know I know the things that you say, someday i'm gonna get you,
you backstabbing motherfucker.

what goes around comes around,
the shit you throw, is the shit you get.
everytime you run your mouth, the jokes on you fucking prick.

fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice then shame on me

arent you tired of running your mouth?, you lying bastard!

fuck you, fuck you, fuck fuck fuck you.

take a knife and slit your throat.

I hope you suffer the slowest form of fucking death
the world doesnt need people like you anyway
Track Name: Shall We Tanz?
say your prayer to your god above while spilling people's blood,
take their lives, take their homes, take everything they've got.

are you entertained? are you satisfied?
fuck your god, fuck your guns, fuck what you believe.

shall we dance to the rhythm of death?
one last fucking waltz before you die, you wortless piece of shit
dance and dance like there's no one's around,
die slowly! die slowly!, until the music's gone.

screaming, i can hear you screaming, (begging me to end your suffering.
but i wont stop untill you run out of blood.

how does it feel to beg on your knees?
like your victims did.
how does it feel to cut off your fucking limbs?
how do you like me now?
it only takes a second to blow your fucking head off.
Track Name: Kapatid
life is full of surprises,
you were to young to be taken away.
if I only knew you'll be gone that day.
I could've hugged you one last time
I could've said 'I love you'.

the hardest part of waking up,
is the thought that you're not here anymore.

I'm really sorry, I really am,
I was away when you fought for your life.
no more sorrow, no more pain, you'll find peace
wherever you are.

you'll be in my heart forever.
Track Name: Jean Claude Van Damn You!
coma mierda, 'fucking asshole
it's all or nothing, no fucking middle ground.
I am who I am, so accept the fact or get the fuck out.

I'll say it loud and clear.
I'm not your puppet on a string.j

don't try to mold me into something im not.
'cause I wont change for you, not a fucking chance.

I wrote this song, for the sake of fucking clarity,
and how you fucking suck the life out of me.
lets go on separate ways.

coma mierda 'fucking asshole, im not your puppet on a string, I never am.
Track Name: I <3 Spitboy
cat call me, slut shame me, insult me blatantly!
in your eyes im just an object to be used and thrown away.
no means no and yes means yes, so why do you fucking insist?
the way i walk and the way I talk, the way I dress,
are none of your fucking buisness.

why can't you understand?!
my body, my decision! my body my fucking choice!

no means no and yes means yes, so why do you still insist?
I want you to fucking stop!
Track Name: Try Jesus
shut the fuck up!
just shut the fuck up! and listen to what I say, try not to stop me
lets burn some bridges
this time i wont let you hurt me, don try to controll me. fuck you don't own me.

all you did was let me down, (you made me feel less than nothing.
words has been spoken, the harm has been done. (you made me feel less than nothing.
how can you expect me to bury the hachet?

im losing my controll, I can't take it anymore.
shut your motherfucking mouth before i break your neck

some things will never change, they will always stay the same.
dont try to run away from all the things that you've said and done.

they say, life is short to wallow in hate, but I got all the time to waste.
I find it hard to forgive and forget, 'cause I'm no jesus christ, I don't forgive.

Track Name: I'm sick - o)))
I'm down on MY fucking
knees, down on my knees
I'm begging you please
just pull the trigger
and leave me to die,

I cannot take this anymore
my demons are crawling inside my head

running,searching, finding, my way out!
locked up inside, this four walled hell,
counting the days till im already dead..

I'm not insane!
no! im not insane!
im not insane!

maybe i just need a little help
I'm not crazy, i just need a hand
locked up inside, this four walled hell,
counting the days till im already dead..

I Know there's something wrong,
most of the nights
I talk to myself,
feeding my head with thoughts of violence

when the light starts to dim, i find myself right here.
making friends with shadows on the wall, I feel like someone's watching me.
even when im asleep.

silent wispers telling me to end it all, silent voices telling me there's no hope

maybe i just need a little help
I'm not crazy, i just need a hand
Track Name: Le Masque
I cant keep living like this, I'm at my wit's end.
sick of playing the fucking part of a clown. for you and for everyone!
the show is over, my time is done.
do you find me entertaining?, 'hope you like the show.

I'm sick of living,sick of pretending, I am smiling,
but inside I am fucking dying. things you'll never ever know.

when I walk out the door, I wear the mask that grins and lies.
fake hellos, fake smiles. my stage is the fucking world, I play pretend,
just like the rest of you!

now you know who I really am, 'hope you're enternained.
Track Name: We Should Have Quit Years Ago..
four years,two months,one day, it doesnt matter where we go, fuck this shitty town.

I dont remember if I wanted more than this, there's not a damn thing in this city that I'll miss.
it's the begining of summer again, gearing up as fast as we can.
as I leave my worries behind, my father told me 'son,it is just a waste of time'.

driving around with a fucked up van, then we got stuck in marseille france,
while we wait for the car to be fixed, all we can do is scratch our fucking heads
is it worth it?, is it worth it?
to give up everything just to do this shit. we drove miles and miles away for a 20 minutes set
thank you for giving a fuck. blah blah blah blah sayonara
Track Name: Paalam
Play the tune and I'll end it here, living like this is worse than death.
I've nothing more to lose or gain, so what's the point of fucking trying?
such is a life of a wretched man!

I don't have desires, I dont have dreams,
im the captain of my own fucking sinking ship, my sinking ship.
I don't have desires (say it)I dont have dreams (scream it)
if you can relate then sink with me! sink with me!

the world is a fucked up place we live in, death will be our only relief.
love,lust, and pain, I've felt it all. aint no more stories to be told.

'cause i'm a fucking realist, death will be our only relief.
why live in misery?
Track Name: An Ode To Nietzsche
I hate to be the bearer of the bad news,
we are guilty as charged with a crime.
he has bled to death under our knives.

we have killed ''the mighty God''
who's gonna wipe this blood off us?
we have killed ''the holy one''
we buried him six feet under ground.

now he's gone what shall we do?

God is dead, the city weeps, and we have fucking slayed him.
lets celebrate our victory, we'll be remembered in history,

we lie, we steal, we cheat and kill,
we're capable of everything, we're capable of everything!
we lie, we steal, we cheat and kill,
we're capable of everything, we've sent him to the guillotine!

you and I, we are his murderers, guilty as fucking charged.
logic and reason has taught us to kill God.